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   Mary Schossow Schumaker

April 4, 2024   10:00 - 2:00

"Watercolor & Yupo Demo"



Mary demonstrate using watercolors on Yupo paper. 































Materials - Yupo Class

  • Yupo - 1 to 2 sheets of Yupo  12 “  x  16”.  

  • I will have a limited amount of Yupo to sell. I will provide 1 - sheet of Yupo Paper per person @ $1.00/ sheet. Limit of 1 sheet/ per person. Cash only please.


  • If you have Yupo at home, please bring it or ask a friend if they have an extra sheets of Yupo to share.

  • A drawing board to put your Yupo onto. 


  • Two water containers


  • Watercolor paints  -  if your paints are dry in your palette, I suggest that you hydrate the paint with water over a two day period before the class . Your other choice would be to bring watercolors in
    the tube( transparent red, transparent blue, transparent, yellow and any additional transparent colors you like). Note TRANSPARENT colors will work best. Do not use any "honey based watercolors" ie. M. Graham Watercolors


  • A mixing tray to put the paint on if your are using fresh paint.

  • Your watercolor brushes of choice . At least one larger flat(1” -2”),one larger round and a few smaller brushes. If you have a small angle synthetic brush please bring that also. 


  • A spray bottle of water AND a spray bottle of rubbing alcohol. 


  • Scissors 


  • Paper towels 


  • 1 sharpie any color


  • I will be bringing your reference images to the class. You will have a choice of a dragon( for The Year of the Dragon) or a swan on the water( a more gentle theme). We will be using what I call the Yupo stencil method.




















































Mary Yupo #4_50206.JPEG
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