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C o l e  A d a m s   


Storytelling Artist & Teacher


Thursday, March 2nd, 2023 Demo Artist

10:00 am - 2:00pm

Project Plan & Materials List

      Let’s learn how to pull prints at home without a press. Gelli printing works well with acrylics, printmaking ink & paint. You will use stencils & stamps to create highly textured plates that then you can pull onto paper, deli paper, fabric or old unsuccessful paintings. We will work on creating collage material which can add a focal point to paintings.


Materials List


      Gelli plate (if you have one), older cloths or apron, stencils, stamps, brayer, scissors, glue, acrylics, brush or palette knife. Papers to work on, unsuccessful paintings, deli paper, fabric, collage papers. If you have any notecards or envelopes this is a great project to make during class.

I will provide some gelli plates but if you have one at home please bring it. I will bring lots of stencils & stamps to share, as well! I will also bring deli paper samples if you do not have any.


      I have taught various art classes where students explore techniques and how to apply them to subject matter they are interested in. I love seeing students take a challenge assignment and create something from their heart. I hope to create an environment of acceptance and creative risk taking. Art is so much a game of problem solving and making a series of decisions to create something you love in the end.

As an artist, I live my life out loud and am always creating - everyday in fact. After completing an art degree, in college I set about living my life in a creative way. Through my business, Woo Hoo Creative, I work with families, individuals, churches & businesses to have their stories and values come to life in commissioned works of art. My work blends acrylics, fiber art, public speaking, sculpture, journaling and storytelling.





























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