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C o l e  A d a m s   

Storytelling Artist & Teacher

"Mud Pie Journals"

Thursday, October 5, 2023 

10:00 am - 2:00pm

Project Plan & Materials List


      Mud Pie Journal Making is a playful art worth learning. We will create textured pages to delight the senses, add pockets to keep treasures nestled inside, and use patterned color to create interest.

Using collage, watercolor, mixed media or paper of your choice we will create a fun-sized journal for your next trip, project, or to gift to a friend. We will explore sewn-in techniques & glued-in creations. Using folds, found papers & deli paper to create rich surfaces to work on. Plus decorate with embellished closures, binder clip charms & bespoke paper clips.

































Materials List

  • ​PAPERS - thin watercolor paper, yupo, mixed media paper, collage papers, unsuccessful paintings, deli paper, fabric, tags, Gelli prints.


  • TOOLS - Gelli plate (if you have one), older clothes or apron, stencils, stamps, brayer, awl, hole punch, waxed book thread or embroidery floss, needle, scissors, glue (I use acrylic gel medium gloss), acrylics, ink pens, watercolor, brush or palette knife.


  • EXTRAS - Beads, binder clips, paper clips, ribbon, lace trim pieces, buttons, trinkets, bells, jewelry wire, ink pad, makeup sponge or ink blender.


  • PROVIDED - stencils & stamps to share, folder covers, collage papers, deli paper samples, beads & trinkets, wire working tools.




     I love to create environments where students work in community to bring their creativity to life. I love seeing students enjoy creating something from their heart. I hope to create an environment of acceptance and creative risk taking. Art is so much a game of problem solving and making a series of deeply personal choices to create something you love in the end.


     As an artist, I live my life out loud and am always creating - everyday in fact. After completing an art degree, in college I set about living my life in a creative way. Through my business, Woo Hoo Creative, I work with families, individuals, churches & businesses to have their stories and values come to life in commissioned works of art. My work blends acrylics, fiber art, public speaking, sculpture, journaling and storytelling.

Being a part of a creative team is the best and Darcie Saunders will be joining us on this lovely making journey.






























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Mud Pie 2.jpg
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