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   Sarah B Hansen


Acrylic & Watercolor - Artist & Teacher


Project Description


      In this four-hour demo/work-along, Sarah B. Hansen will teach techniques in painting an expressive abstract landscape, guiding students to paint with focused joy in an expressive, intuitive manner.


Acrylic Landscape Project Plan

1.     Demo: Intuitively prepare board

2.     Demo: Intuitively create landscape using a variety of tools

              a. Employing negative painting

              b. Scraping

              c. Thick paint application

              d. Textures

3.     Assisting in participant’s exploration of their own painting


      Please see the attached Acrylic Landscape Project Plan, Materials List, Reference Photo, and Artist’s Bio.



Materials List



Artist Information

      Award-winning Northwest Watercolor Society Signature member, artist, and instructor, Sarah B. Hansen has been painting for over 30 years. A self-taught artist, Sarah began by creating paintings in traditional transparent watercolor on paper, primarily portraits. By more recently converting into an acrylic landscape artist, Sarah has found an expressive way to convey her love of nature through an open door of limitless possibilities.

     Born and raised in Southwestern Colorado, Sarah moved to Oregon in 1987, working as a commercial and residential interior designer. Now, Sarah can be found creating landscapes from her studio in Terrebonne, Oregon. Her collectors range regionally and worldwide, in both residential and hospitality establishments, such as Kaiser Permanente, Sunriver Resort, Cascade Medical Imaging, and Hanford Media Headquarters. She teaches workshops regionally and abroad. Member American Women Artists, Northwest Watercolor Society, Plein Air Painters of Oregon, and American Impressionist Society. For more information, visit



Acrylic Landscape Demo - Materials List

Acrylic paint in primary colors plus black and white

Suggested manufacturers: Windsor & Newton Professional Acrylics, Golden Acrylics, and Holbein. I use a mixture of Golden Fluid, Golden Open, and W&N Professional

Suggested colors: Primary pigments such as Ultramarine Blue, Cobalt Blue, Permanent Rose, Cadmium Red Light, and Cadmium Yellow Medium or Light, Titanium White, Mars or Carbon Black, and a neutral such as Burnt Sienna

Any other colors: Bring any pigments you enjoy using


  • Palette: Make sure you have plenty of flat surface area - no compartments

  • Acrylic brushesAny sizes, both flat and round, including larger flats.Bring any brushes you like

  • Gesso-coated board or panelAny board or panel that is pre-coated with gesso, around 11x15 in size

  • Palette knife: I will be using traditional shape palette knives, and have several types. Any brand will do. More flex is better than stiff knives.

  • Acrylic mediums (optional): Liquitex Slow-Dri Blending Gel, Golden Gloss Glazing Liquid

  • Latex gloves and apron (or old clothes), if desired

  • Watercolor pencils, crayons, and sticks, optional

  • Paper towel roll:Blue shop towels and white paper towels (not brand-specific) or old cotton rags

  • Water containers and water spritzerTwo or three containers and a spray bottle

  • Plastic applicator(s) such as a stiff squeegee: I use a silicone catalyst wedge W-6, and other random silicone and plastic tools, but any type of mark- making tool(s) will work. Bring any tools you like.

  • Sketch paper, pencil, eraser

  • Value markers, Value Scale, optional: Copic value markers are great, but a pencil will do

  • Photo reference: Artist will provide the photo

  • Easel: Table top easel if you prefer to paint in a more vertical format (venue may provide)























23.4.6 reference photo pdf copy Sarah B Hansen Image.jpg
23.4.6 Sarah B Hansen Artist Bio pdf.jpg
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