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   Steve Scheibe

September 7, 2023


Show & Tell Pastel Demo







Project Description - “Show & Tell”


      Steve will show examples and share about his recent artworks in various media – oils, transparent oils, stone lithography, watercolor, pastels, and dye-painted silk in the serti method.


      Pastel Demo – Steve will then demonstrate painting in soft pastels, an image of the Deschutes River (see horizontal and vertical format reference photos provided). As he paints, he’ll share his approach to easels, composing, underpainting/s, layering pigments, and more. 

Supply List

  • UArt sanded paper 400 or 500 grit (or the textured paper of your choice)

  • Soft pastels in a range of tones (see photo). preferably some “firmer” ones like NuPastels and some softer like Sennelier half-sticks or Terry Ludwig. But any will work on the sanded surface.

  • Pipe insulation closed-cell foam (Steve will provide this if you don’t have it).

  • 70% denatured alcohol or water and a fan brush or any older, cheap paintbrush, and a small cup.

  • Easel or support of your choice.

  • Backer board if your paper isn’t mounted to gator foam or similar.

  • Masking tape of choice to adhere paper and/or dust catcher.

  • Aluminum foil to create a simple dust catcher, unless you have a preferred system already.

  • If you use a fixative, I’m assuming we’ll do that outside only. Steve will bring his final fixative to show but likely won’t be using it in the demo.

  • Reference photo: Multiple photos are included. There are three vertical photos, and a horizontal. Three exposures of the same scene are included so you can see lights and darks as a camera cannot catch in a single exposure/shot. Feel free to bring a different photo that inspires you.





Bio Steve Scheibe

Steve Scheibe is an accomplished and awarded artist with over three decades of professional art experience. Born and raised in beautiful Western Washington, Steve enjoys everything outdoors from gardening to hiking to sailing. His enjoyment of nature informs and inspires the imagery of his art.


      Steven Scheibe's artworks physically embody things both seen and unseen.


  • Seen: Many of Steve's paintings simply celebrate the natural beauty and wonder of a thing, a place, or a moment.


  • Unseen: Other works by Steve gently amplify the voice of allegory he has discovered in nature's patterns. He says, "All that is visible is evidence of the invisible. Through art, I seek to make tangible the immeasurable realities of soul and spirit."


      Steve expresses his discoveries of the seen and unseen in a variety of media including music, drawing, watercolor, soft pastels, oil painting, stone lithography, dye-painting silk, and art glass. He has created large, suspended murals in dye- painted silk for public art. His sand-carved, mouth blown antique glass and laminated glass artworks grace walls and windows of multiple middle schools and universities. Enjoying the immediacy of painting, Steve’s two-dimensional artworks are also included in many private, public, and museum collections.


      Steve has taught drawing and hosts silk painting workshops in his studio on Offut Lake.


To watch his art videos go to


To see what Steve is currently discovering or creating, click on the "journal" tab at his website


His recent paintings are easy to view in his online gallery at,%20steven&mode=search&page=1&date=2023/8/26























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