Christine Hella Cott Thompson

February 6th, 2020 Demo Artist

I was born in 1954: I’ve been an artist and a writer all my life although I started painting seriously in 2008 and have not stopped since. My work started small and over the dimension and often, when I paint, I wish for I love to paint, love color, love the way light and shadow and shape and distance
change color. The challenge of painting is huge, daunting. The journey from the beginning of a painting to the last few brush strokes is always one of marvel and learning. I will paint or draw or scribble anywhere, on the corner of a napkin, on the edges of a magazine, on a scrap of paper
dug out from the bottom of a friend’s purse, just to capture a thought, a plan, or a what-if. To me, nothing compares with natural light and so I paint plein air whenever I can.

I am for the most part untutored. I have no scheme or plan, I just follow my nose and hope that each new work will round out my education.


Currently I am represented by galleries in Gig Harbor, Port Orchard, and Winslow on Bainbridge Island. 


Studio:  253-906-0806 Email:    Website:

      Project Plan:


My plan is to demonstrate how I go about painting one of my florals, and while doing this, to impart my understanding of both the joy and the hard work of painting and some of the do's and don'ts that I have learned over time. I hope that my interaction with the South Hill Artists group will be more of a shared conversation than, say, a lesson, as we can all learn from each other. While I will be leading the painting session I would like everyone to paint along with me, each at their own speed, naturally, but so we progress more-or-less together during the course of the day.  When not painting, I will circulate, ready to chat or help or offer advice should it be wanted. By the end of the day, I trust every artist will have the basis of a good floral painting in hand which they can then detail and polish on their own. 


      Materials List:

  • Ready-to-paint canvas mounted on stretchers. Any size that works for you. Panel if preferred.

  • Brushes of your choice, but in at least three sizes. Bring your largest brush.

  • Painting knives optional.

  • Acrylic paint: bring your favorite three primaries and any other colors you choose, plus black and white.

  • Small pot or bottle of gesso, optional, but very useful.

  • Water bucket. Spray bottle optional, but very useful.

  • Painting rags. Old cotton t-shirts, cut-up, preferred (no lint). Paper towels optional.

  • Sponges or other favorite painting tools. 

  • And of course, your inspiration: either the object you will paint, or a picture of it.

  • An easel. 

  • A smock if you want, or comfortable painting clothes and shoes.