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Catherine Gill
Thursday, February 3rd, 2022 Demo Artist
10:00 am - 2:00pm

" Watercolor & Chalk Pastel Demo "

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Catherine Gill’s life as an artist continues to be exciting, challenging, sometimes balanced and always fun. Her energies all go into finding new ways to be creative in doing her artwork and teaching. Catherine’s work space is her studio in the Ballard area of Seattle. It is also all the many places that she goes to paint and teach workshops. Working on location has a real depth of experience that expands her skills and her mind. Her outdoor studio ranges from the park near her house, to the industrial area of Seattle where her studio is located, to the Cascade Mountains, kayak on Lake WA, climbing trees in southwest WA, and decks of small boats in Alaska. It also extends to China, Montana, Maine, Hawaii, Oregon, France and Italy. But it could also be out the car window. Catherine enjoys working on location and likes what happens with the ideas that are generated when she is out there. New shapes and marks and ideas develop. She might start in the autumn standing in front of a forest and painting orange trees, but wind up realizing it is a refuge; that the small animals are starting to hunker down to survive, and the painting then becomes about safe places in hard times. Catherine Gill has lived and worked in the Pacific Northwest for over 30 years. She paints on location in watercolor, oil, and pastel, and is a printmaker. Catherine teaches painting and printmaking in her studio in Seattle, as well as throughout the United States and many other countries. Her artwork and videos and DVDs can be viewed at Contact her by email for current list of classes and workshops and to visit the studio at her artwork has been exhibited nationally and throughout the world. Catherine is co-founder of Art Partners International, dedicated to bringing together artists and art of different cultures. She is a member of Northwest Watercolor Society, Women Painters of WA, Plein Air Painters of WA, Seattle Print Arts and Print Arts NW. Her book on landscape painting, Powerful Watercolor Landscapes, with writer Beth Means, was released by North light/F&W Publications January 2011. Her work can also be found in Art Journey America: Landscapes (F&W), Kipp, December 2011; and Gallery of Marine Art, Rockport Publishers, McClish, 1998, and has appeared in numerous magazine articles.




DEMO: My mixed media landscape demo will combine chalk pastels and wet watercolor on wet paper, mixing the strengths of pastel (intensity, line work and opacity) with the yumminess of watercolor (transparency and fluidity). It's fun and creative, and will chase the gray day blues away!





MIXED MEDIA SUPPLY LIST (Watercolor and Pastel) Brushes: 1" Flat #10 or #12 round Palette: Covered watercolor palette with large mixing area (i.e. John Pike or Robert Woods’s palette) Paper: 2 sheets Lanaquarelle hot press #140


WATERCOLOR PIGMENTS: *Rose Madder Genuine (W/Newton) Cerulean Blue *Cadmium Red Cobalt Turquoise Light *Permanent Rose Dioxazine Violet *Aureolin Yellow Permanent (Winsor) Orange *Cadmium Yellow Quinachrodone Burnt Orange *Quinachrodone Gold Pthalo (Winsor) Green (I use Blue Shade) *Cobalt Blue Burnt Sienna *Ultramarine Blue Cobalt Turquoise *Pthalo (Winsor) Blue (I use Red Shade) Viridian * indicates the nine basic pigments


PASTEL SUPPLY LIST (chalk not oil): NuPastels (hard pastels) - set of at least 24 (I use a set of 96). A basic set should contain warm and cool of each color plus three values of gray and white. If you have 2-3 different values of each color, it is easier than adjusting the value with white or black. Rembrandt (softer pastels) - set of at least 12 different colors (I use an older set of at least 36). Bring any additional pastels you may have.


MISCELLANEOUS SUPPLIES: Board to support w/c paper pencil and kneaded eraser clips to hold paper to board 2 water containers sketch book or note book paper towels or sponge.

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