Roxana Caples

October 3, 2019 Demo Artist

Roaxana Caples Demo 1.jpg

       The goal of my work is to transport the viewer into the image. To make them feel as if they are there and part of the scene. My style leans toward realism but does not fill in all of the details, hopefully leaving some of the creativity to the viewer. The medium of watercolor allows water and paint to perform magic on the paper. I love watching colors flow into one another blending into new and exciting creations.


       My subject is most often nature and the inspiring beauty that surrounds us. I love the power of nature on the rampage as well as nature at rest. As long as I can remember I have loved the power of lightning storms, howling wind, whiteout rain and snow, thundering waterfalls, turbulent cumulus clouds. I have always been drawn to water and the power that is transferred from sea to air and back again. Watercolor portraying weather is a perfect match and at last I have found the skills for transferring my love of nature onto a two dimensional surface.


      Growing up in the Pacific Northwest I feel blessed to have so much beauty surrounding me. My husband and I spend our summers on the water cruising on our 42 foot wooden trawler Xanadu. I spend the winters painting in my studio. I majored in Art at the University of Washington. I have studied under Bill Phillips and Christ Brown, and have taken workshops from Stephen Quiller, Nita Engle, Bill McEnroe and Kay Barnes.

Creating Art is rarely a money maker. Like many artists I have only found time for my art passion by retiring from an along list of exciting professions: teacher, realtor, Basking Robbins owner, Commercial flight instructor.  I am currently showing my work at the Artist Gallery 113 Legion Way SW in Olympia, WA.




Bring your watercolor supplies

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