Molly Murrah

January 17th & February 23rd

Demo Artist

Expressions in Watercolor

Molly Murrah is an experienced watercolor artist and freelance graphic designer, who has lived and worked in the Seattle area since 1982. She started painting in 2001, and has studied with well-known watercolor instructors Thomas Schaller, Mark Mehaffey, Donna Zagotta, Janet Rogers, Jeannie McGuire, and Ted Nuttall, among others.

Molly first began teaching in 2010 when she presented two online webinars to a combined total of 2,000 beginning watercolor students around the world. Presently she teaches classes and workshops at Daniel Smith Artists’ Materials in the Seattle area and several local galleries.

A Signature Member of the Northwest Watercolor Society, Molly is very involved as a volunteer and served as President in 2013-2014.

Molly’s strengths as an artist lie in composition, color harmonies, and the representation of light. These skills were greatly influenced by her many years spent as a professional graphic designer. Now concentrating on her fine art career, Molly still incorporates her design expertise in her painting and teaching.


I have always loved watercolors. My favorite medium since I was a child, when I started to paint in later years it was only natural for me to take up watercolor. My goals for every painting are to create an engaging composition, harmonious colors, dramatic contrast between lights and darks, and a mood or feeling that weaves a story. If I convey these qualities in my work, then I have succeeded in my artistic expression.

DEMO Description:

Painting portraits can be challenging — many accomplished artists never even attempt them — but portraits can be great fun and very rewarding. In this demo, Molly will paint her subject using a different approach; one she has developed that combines the application of transparent and more opaque watercolor pigments to create vibrant, engaging portraits.

Molly will explain her approach to composition, and how to take risks with your subjects that add excitement to your work. She will explain her easy but effective technique for transferring reference images accurately to paper… one does not have to be a great drawer to paint a great portrait! She will then demonstrate her approach to painting. In the end, Molly’s portraits have a painterly look that is not like traditional, transparent watercolor. In Molly’s words, “This approach shows a blending of watercolor and acrylic painting techniques, without using acrylics!”

Molly’s goal is to help students lose the anxiety often associated with painting portraits and learn to have fun instead.

To view samples of her work, please visit:

Working with your Digital Images Seminar at SHA @ 10:00 am 

cost $40 per person and it last 2 1/2 hours bring your computer

Molly will be demoing again on Saturday February 23rd 9:30 - 4:30 pm. 1 day workshop "Watercolor Portraits: A Different Approach" with Molly Murrah  Class fee $95 to register with me please call my cell @ 425-241-4066


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