Patty Finnigian

Demo Artist

March 27th

  Patti Finnigan Bio


From a very young age, I always knew I wanted to be an artist. The desire to draw and create has always has been a defining force in my life. I purchased a more academic course in college but art called me back several years later and I returned to school to study graphic design at the Art Institute of Seattle. That was 30 years ago and I have worked as professional artist ever since. I enjoy art in many forms, from fine art painting to computer graphics, and paper sculpture to jewelry making. Watercolor is my favorite medium but in recent years I have discovered a new passion in teaching art, sharing the joys and benefits of creative play. I currently teach in the Key Peninsula elementary and middle schools through Two Waters Arts Alliance's Artists in Schools program. I also teach adults through TCC Gig Harbor's Continuing Education department with classes in watercolor, silk dyeing and painting with alcohol inks.


Art, for me is a celebration of beautiful color, graceful line and engaging light. I am an avid gardener, pet lover and bird watcher, and find all my inspirations in the natural world.

Painting with Alcohol Inks Project Plan:

Introduction of materials and unique properties of alcohol inks

Manipulation of inks with various tools- cotton balls, Q-tips, coffee stirrers, straws, felt, mister drip and flow technique, simple landscapes

Using brushes to apply and lift, masking, ink pens, additives and canned air.

After the demo I am hoping we can have several work stations set up so people can try the inks themselves. Doing is more fun than watching!

Painting with Alcohol inks Materials list:


8-10 bottles of alcohol inks per station

Mineral paper

Isopropyl alcohol with dropper bottles


Misc. tools (cotton balls, Q-tips, coffee stirrers, straws, felt mister bottles) 

brushes and palettes, Aqua brushes, ink pens canned air and paper towels, plastic table covers









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