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May 2nd


Karen Marie Petrillose was born and raised in Watertown, NY AKA Snowtown USA.  She has a Bachelor’s of Music in Piano Performance from the University of

Iowa and an AAS in Hotel Technology from Sullivan County, NY Community College.

Her husband Dan is to blame for her passion for painting.  In 2001 he gave her as a gift a semester class taught by William Hewson of West Seattle who had a Charles Reid type style.  She has been hooked on watercolor and mixed media ever since.  The biggest impact has been her 1 week workshop in 2013 with Nicholas Simmons held in Bend OR "Art in the Mountains".  Before that she had received 1 honorable mention, since then she is proud to have received an average of 8 awards yearly, including Best of Show Olympia Art League Open Show 2018 and 1st place Peninsula Art League Open Show 2018.  

Class Description

I will be sharing what I learned from Nicholas Simmons, most notable how to use Photoshop to abstract/enhance your photos into unusual and interesting subject to use as guides for your paintings.  Also will share some of Mr. Simmons philosophy on painting and the unorthodox techniques I learned at his workshop...  I highly encourage you to google him "Nicholas Simmons Artist" to get an idea of his work. Sadly he died in 2015 but there are still a lot of examples of his work online.

Allot of his work is pretty far-out but you can apply the Photoshop and painting techniques to your liking. If you do not have the Photoshop program you may be able to apply the same techniques to other free photo altering programs available on the internet.  If you are not interested in using Photoshop, there are many ways you may use your artist eye to interpret your photos just as Photoshop does.


Bring some 1/4 sheet watercolor paper, watercolors or acrylics (which you will water-down), palette, spray bottle,  large medium and small brushes, graphite paper for tracing, pen and pencil. I will be providing the subject matter.  Bamboo image, and several other images to choose from.  If anyone would like to have a photo of your own to work on during the demo that is photo shopped into a semi-abstract, email it to me and I will Photoshop it and have it printed out for you to work on.

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