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September 5, 2019 Demo Artist


Anita Lehmann is a registered architect in the state of Washington. She is also a teacher and an artist. After receiving training at the University of Washington, she taught freehand drawing in Rome and in Seattle, and currently offers small group classes in drawing and painting. Her other skills include architectural design, graphic design, community planning and design illustration. Using figures as disparate as bugs and urban monuments, Anita has designed several series of alphabets, which have been acquired by the Smithsonian Institution. ‘City Alphabets’ is a unique collection of illustrated highlights of American cities: for each letter of the alphabet, the iconography of a city is represented in illustration; a new alphabet, ‘Alphabugs,’ was recently launched. Prior to receiving the 2013 NAIUSI fellowship, Anita was a graduate student at the University Of Washington Rome Center, in Rome, Italy in 1985.  Anita currently teaches evocative drawing and painting in Civita.


Supply List:

Sketchbook: spiral bound, favorite paper, minimum 9″ x 12″, smooth/rough paper, spiral bound is best (pad can lie flat)

Medium-size drawing papers:

Pencils: 3H, HB, 2B, 5B, different widths, sizes

Pencil Sharpener: good quality

Glue stick


Erasers: White Stadler Mars, Kneaded, hand-held eraser

Erasing Shield

Sumi ink

Pens: marker type, or favorite fountain pen, one with permanent ink

Charcoal: 2 different forms – Generals Compressed is best: 2b, 4b

‘Fun’ Brushes: ones you like to work with, not your best.

Baby Wipes

Artist Tape, Nichiban Tape or Masking Tape



Gator Board: (stiff) surface, 18″ x 24″ 

Collapsible Water Carrier

Mark-making and texture makers: extra fun tools

+ Any other tools you like to work with.