Members present were Karen St. Clair, president, Risa Hiltermann, Sue Stewart, Myrna Hume, Mary Shumaker, Candy Barney and Debbie Yoder.


The old minutes were read and approved. The calendar sales were discussed – the first order sold out and 50 more were ordered at the same price. Twenty nine of those are pre-sold and the rest will be offered at the party Dec. 5. Of the first order five were offered to presenters as gifts, and a profit was made on first order. This income will be used for expenses of presenters and gifts to others that serve us.


Old Business: The Wi-Fi is working well and is controlled with the button on the wall near the door. Push to reboot if it goes out


Myrna turned in receipts for her expenses, and Debby gave out checks to cover other receipts.

Sue Stewart was reminded that she had promised to redo the bylaws.

Webpage/newsletter changes. Risa is moving in the spring. She needs to present her receipt for prepaying the web expenses for the whole year to the treasurer. She will continue to mind the site until March, but Karen will resume the old form of the newsletter to be sent out for February meeting. We are looking for someone to get the webpage functional and working well. Risa will work with someone if we have help before she departs.


Reminder that the party on Dec 5 is to recognize the Renton members who started the South Hill group. We went over the presentation of certificates and flowers to them and discussed the RSVPs and how many guests there would be.

Candy Barney is the chair and accountant for the April Art Camp. Seventeen have signed up and Candy will take deposits at the party. There are 25 spaces at $230.00, but rest of the cash is due 28 March. If members do not submit by that time the cost will go to $250.00. Deposits will be kept for cancellations after April 15th, except in extenuating circumstances.  There will be a waiting list established, and cost will be $230 for those people who are invited to take those spaces. There is a need to contact the masseuse and decide on how many presenters are needed. Two meals will be the routine.


New Business: No treasurer’s report available – will be emailed to president as soon as it is done.

A new refrigerator will come mid-January and the old one will be recycled. This is a gift of the Hume’s. The tentative workshop presenter for August will be Becky Frehse, local artist. Details to follow.

The coat drive has been a success and will continue through January, The food drive will be at the party.

Reminder that the membership cost goes to $40 dollars in April when all members must rejoin.

Meeting adjourned for the purpose of decorating for the party.

Sue Stewart minutes taker for Judy.



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